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Camping Holiday Village Seven Hills – Rome

Seven Hills Village takes its name from the legendary hills upon which ancient Rome was built. It is the perfect answer to the need for a quiet nature-filled holiday in the Roman countryside and the quest for a cultural and historical acquaintance with the Eternal City’s immense heritage. Rome is only 12 km away, within easy reach thanks to the metro/train lines.  Seven Hills is a Village bungalow resort open all year, with bungalows, mobile homes and small apartments for  bed-and-breakfast accommodation meant to satisfy the need for comfort and an unforgettable holiday!

The philosophy behind Seven Hills Camping Village is the same since the very first days: to give a satisfying holiday experience to all our customers; finding the perfect balance for both countryside enthusiasts  as well as city bustle and historic site fans.

Comfort & Freedom, Fun & Relaxation, Culture & Sport: If you think it is an impossible combination you have not yet tried the Seven Hills Camping Village. Camping Rome easily!